Typhoid Vaccine

What is Typhoid?

Typhoid (typhoid fever) also called Enteric fever is a serious disease caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi. It causes symptoms like high grade fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, headache, general fatigue or rash.In few cases severe complications like intestinal perforation, internal bleeding, shock, and may rarely cause death.

What are different types of Typhoid vaccine?
  • Vi capsular polysaccharide vaccine: Brands – Typbar, Typhim Vi, Typhrix, Biotyph
  • Conjugate typhoid vaccine:Brands– TypbarTCV, PedaTyph, Enteroshield

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What are the differences between the two types?
Vi Capsular vaccine Conjugate vaccine
Route of administration Intramuscular Intramuscular
Vaccination schedule 1st dose at 2 years age 1st dose at 9-12 months age
Booster Every 3 years till 18 years of age At 2 years age
Minimum age for vaccination 2 years 6 months
Effectiveness 60-70% 80%
Experience with use of vaccine More time bound experience and robust data available Initial data promising but limited time bound experience
IAP Recommendations Recommended Recommended

Presently, which type of typhoid vaccine to give is the pediatricians choice. With time, things might become more clearer.

An interval of 4 weeks should be maintained with MMR vaccine.

Who should not receive Typhoid vaccine?
  • Those who have a history of a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of vaccine
  • Anyone who is moderately or severely ill at the time the shot is scheduled should usually wait until they recover before getting the vaccine
What are side effects of Typhoid vaccine?

Pain, redness and swelling at vaccination site and allergic reaction can occur in some individuals.

My child has already suffered from typhoid fever. Should he/she still receive the vaccine?

Typhoid fever does not lead to long term immunity. A child with history of suspected/ confirmed enteric fever may be vaccinated 4 weeks after recovery if he/she has not received the vaccine in the past 3 years.

Can typhoid vaccines be given in older children/adults?

Yes, it can be used in any age group.

I have heard there is an oral vaccine also available. Can I give my child this oral vaccine?

Oral vaccine is no longer available in India.

Can it be given with other vaccines?

Yes, it can be safely given with other vaccines.An interval of 4 weeks should be maintained while giving Typhoid conjugate with MMR vaccine.

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